My favorite part of any episode of this show is to watch how Giles is 600% done with everybody.

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doctor who + text posts night vale tweets | part 2/? (rtd edition)


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Lilith by the-wild-rover

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Mr. Bobinsky is wearing the Russian Hero Medal for Service at the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster on April 26, 1986. Which reads on the front “Participant in the clean-up campaign” The “4A3C” indicates “Chernobilskaya Nuclear Power Plant.” This medal is unique as it is the only medal in the world awarded for participation in a nuclear clean up. That might explain his skin complexion and odd behavior.

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1930’s Dental Phantom. Dentists used to work on these steel gums & teeth for practice. The rubber face was so it would be more “human” to work with. 

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Don’t touch that dial now, we’re just getting started!

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A creepy X-ray image taken of a statue of Jesus in Mexico has revealed that the 300-year-old figure contains real human teeth - and they are all in perfect condition. The eight teeth were discovered when researchers took the X-ray as part of restoration work on the ‘Lord of Patience’ statue, believed to have been constructed in the 18th century. The teeth, which are perfectly formed all the way to the root, are believed to have been donated by worshipers out of gratitude, or as a way to get closer to the religious figure.

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